Feeling Nostalgic for The Amstrad CPC 6128

Schneider / Amstrad CPC 6128
Schneider / Amstrad CPC 6128

 I could never forget the day when I had my first micro computer Amstrad CPC 6128 it was in early 1990s ( I was 8 ) –  This computer really amazed me the first time, It was for me like a sophisticated device designed only to run video games.  I spend days and nights playing video games that some of them still stuck in my brain: like Jet Set Willy, Cauldron, Gyroscope, Ariane 2 and so many others. But the one which I liked more was Jet Set Willy (see the screenshot below).

Jet Set Willy
Jet Set Willy

CPC 6128 specs

It was composed of a keyboard and a green-scale monitor – I have seen all games in GREEN !

CPC 6128 Green-Scale Monitor
CPC 6128 Green-Scale Monitor

The keyboard was the main part and contains all ! everything, the motherboard, the microprocessor (Zilog Z80 4 Mhz), RAM (128 kbytes), and the 3″ floppy disk drive AND NO hard drive :-).

CPC 6128 3" Double-Sided floppy disk (360 kB Total)
CPC 6128 3″ Double-Sided floppy disk (360 kB Total)

My first geek experience

I was 12 when I discovered some kid friendly books about BASIC programming language in the library, which contained  examples of programs and easy to understand BASIC instructions. The first book I have read was “Computers 3. Their use at home” original title in french “Les ordinateurs 3. Leur emploi à  la maison”  published in 1984 by Gamma. (see the book cover below).

Les ordinateurs "leur emploi à la maison"
Les ordinateurs “leur emploi à la maison”

My first lines of code I have ever write were in locomotive BASIC, the main purpose of the program is to convert Miles to kilometers (see the code below)

30 INPUT m
40 LET k=1.609*m

I was so excited, when I have executed the program the first time. I could never forget the days and nights spent in my bedroom trying to write much complex programs and video games. It was my first geek experience !

At the end, thanks for reading this article and if you too, feel nostalgic to Amstrad CPC, use this link to download Caprice 32 an Open Source Amstrad CPC emulator, enjoy it !

Caprice32 Amstrad CPC Emulator on Ubuntu Linux
Caprice32 Amstrad CPC Emulator on Ubuntu Linux