15 Instructive video Tutorials For Java Programming Language Beginners In Tunisian Dialect !

Before I start,  just a quick special thanks to the creator of these instructive video tutorials Mohamed Turki, a software engineering student in Tunisia. Also a freelance Web Developer & Designer. All video tutorials included in this post were originally uploaded  by the author  in youtube in mid-2011. 1 – Introduction To Java – What is Java? – […]

Instructions On How To Deploy OpenACS (TR-069) On JBoss AS 5.1

This article focuses on the deployement of OpenACS which is a powerful open-source Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) implementing CPE configuration protocol CWMP as specified in TR-069.  At the time when I write this article I have deployed the latest version “0.4 beta” which can be directly downloaded from the link below. download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/openacs/files/openacs-binary/0.4/openacs-bin-0.4.zip/download In the four sections below […]