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15 Instructive video Tutorials For Java Programming Language Beginners In Tunisian Dialect !

java tunisia flag

Before I start,  just a quick special thanks to the creator of these instructive video tutorials Mohamed Turki, a software engineering student in Tunisia. Also a freelance Web Developer & Designer.

All video tutorials included in this post were originally uploaded  by the author  in youtube in mid-2011.

1 – Introduction To Java

– What is Java?
– What do you need before you start?
– How to download the JDK and Eclipse

2 – Hello Tunisia

– How Java works?
– Structure of a Java program
– HelloTunisia program

3 – Class

– How to create a class that defines a new type
– Elements of a class ( Variables & Methods)
– How to create variables and methods
– How to create an object of the new type and use it

4 – Java car

– Create new types
– Create objects of the new types
– Manipulate these objects

5 – If and Switch Statements

Controlling program execution with IF and SWITCH statements
“P.S sorry about the low volume at the end of the video”

6 – Iteration

– For
– Do while
– While
– simple mycar examples ;-)

7 – Packages and Access Control

– Java documentation link :
– How to create packages
– Access Control

8 – Composition and Inheritance

9 – Static and Constructors

10 – Polymorphism

11 – Abstract methods, abstract classes, interfaces

Beginner Java Tutorial #12 – More on Interfaces

13 – ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack

14 – Set and Map

15 – Final Program

video fiha presk les concepts elli chofnehom fel les vid lo5rin el koll (collection framework, static methods, inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, scanner etc)

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